Why our Optimists are better than others? On first sight, two boats next to each other from different producers look almost identical, but if you look closer with paying attention in to details, then you will notice how carefully and accurately BlueBlue and Blue 2 Hulls are made. They are, a reflection of our passion, precision and many years of experience. We build them from the highest quality raisins, materials and gelcoats. Carefully spray painted and laminated layer by layer goes to our heating rooms where is annealed at a suitable temperature for 2 days. We are one of not many producers that are putting their products through that procedure. Thanks to that we are receiving much better, even the best durability and product performance. We are building our Optimist for 17 years now and even the ones build at the very beginning still continue to enjoy almost perfect quality and condition. Sailors taking part in many different regattas on these boats, on many occasions have overcome their rivals that are using Optimist from different builders. High experience of our staff members is a guarantee that every Optimist is built with the same precision and the same quality accordingly to IODA class rules.

So if you asking yourself: “Is my boat the best?”, “Is there anyone that will offer me a better and faster boat?” – answer is only one – PRECISION + EXELENT QUALITY + GREAT TEAM = BLUEBLUE OPTIMIST !!!