Why our Optimist boats are better than others? What is the difference between our and other products? Some may say boat is a boat, and is there a difference between plywood and oak table? Both are made from wood! Our boats are made from highest quality raisins, gelcoats and fabrics. Carefully and precisely laminated layer by layer is going inside a special made oven where it stays for 3 days being dried in a suitable temperature. We are one of not many companies that dose that. Thanks to that, we get better, even the best durability and product performance. We are building Optimist boats since 18 years and even those build at the very beginning are still proud for there almost perfect condition and still are taking part in many regatta’s beating on more than one occasion the competition. Thanks to our employees with many years of experience that are with us from the beginning and under a supervision of the management, we can be sure that every Optimist is made with the same exacting precision as any other, and appropriate to international standards and in accordance with IODA class rules. So if you have a question that bothers you whether you have a good and proper boat? Or maybe you should choose another builder? The answer is only one: the precision + high quality products and execution + excellent team = BlueBlue Optimist.

Gold medal at the European Championships 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
Brown medal in Team Wold Championships 2015
Gold medal in Team Wold Championships 2016

And many more Silver and Bronze medals at the Worlds and Europeans !!!
Also a lot of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at many world prestige regatta’s like Lake Garda Optimist Meeting, National Regatta’s and many more !!!